May 20 – 22, 2014

With the help of the employees at Hewlett Packard, the yards and gardens of three Second Step Housing transitional homes were spruced up. Approximately 50 volunteers donated not only their time but also materials to make numerous improvements at Gregg’s Place, Olive Street Properties, and Columbia House. Building Projects included interior painting and building a lattice privacy fence for the yard. Most of the work went into improving the appearance of the yards and gardens after the long winter months. Shrubs were trimmed and pruned and one even removed for the health of those around it. The flower beds were rejuvenated with new soil, freshly edged, and redefined. New spring flowering plants and vegetables were also planted. And to finish it off a fresh layer of bark was added where needed. Second Step Housing is grateful to the employees at Hewlett Packard for their generous contribution to our homes.