Second Step Housing

Core Values

  • We believe that our families are more likely to successfully meet their goals if our services are intentionally linked to safe and affordable housing.
  • We value the ability , through education, experience, and empowerment of our individuals and families to make positive changes in their lives.
  • We believe in broad based partnerships that support shared community resources and increased opportunities fr our families.
  • We believe in program improvements, results-oriented decision making, and creativity in all things we do.
  • We believe that professional excellence in governance, organizational management and program development is fundamental to the organization’s success, including planning and ongoing evaluation.

A message from our¬†director…

I am reminded everyday how blessed I am. Often it takes something life-changing to remember the important things in life; the things we would often otherwise take for granted. You know what I am talking about, our health, our families, our jobs, a home, food to eat and yes sometimes I forget I am blessed simply because I opened my eyes to yet another beautiful day.

I also know there are many in our community who do not have a home, food to eat, good health and a job they love. That is where I can say just how proud and blessed I am because I have a job that I love, an amazing team to work with who are equally proud of our place in the community and what we do. This same job can also gives me heartache when I see the need in the community for those less fortunate.

I think about our place in the community and how I can convey the need our community is facing with a critical shortage of affordable housing. But more than that, how do we achieve a balance with providing housing and human empowerment so individuals and families are able to take control of their lives that in the end will provide long-lasting change. I have seen how lives of individuals in our programs change dramatically from what they know from their past. In some cases, the lessons have been learned. In other cases, there was no lesson at all; it was simply the only life they knew. That is where we come in. Second Step Housing provides supported housing, leadership development, and supportive services to create long-term solutions to ending generational poverty and homelessness. Our programs result in housing stability that contribute to a more livable community. We seek to provide opportunities to people who experience barriers to housing because of income, disability, or special needs in an environment which preserves dignity and in a manner that maintains the public trust.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that in order to succeed, you must believe you can. For those who have experienced multiple failures, have lived in poverty, had parents who lived in poverty, or perhaps have backgrounds that lack support systems and devalue education, their barriers seem insurmountable. Once individuals believe in themselves, they are ready to begin to change the way they think and learn new skills that lead to long-term, generational stability.

I often thought that if we had enough affordable housing, homelessness might be solved. But the truth is the cycle of homelessness doesn’t end with affordable housing; the journey begins there…homelessness is a symptom of a broad scope of adversity. This adversity will vary case by case, but in most every case, there will be a fundamental lack of basic life-skills, and lack of confidence to succeed.

I will never believe it is hopeless or something that is not achievable because we live and work in a community filled with people who never hesitate to ask “what can I do”.

~ Debby Dover


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